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Buckle Up

Psalms 119:33-39

"Conner needs new shoes," said Mom when Brad arrived home from day camp. "Want to go to the mall with us?"

"Sure," agreed Brad. Then his face clouded. "We've got a new rule at day camp, Mom," he added. "No one can leave our lunchroom until they've been there at least fifteen minutes! I could eat and be out on the playground in five minutes if it weren't for that rule."

"Gulping down food that fast isn't good for you," said Mom. She motioned toward Conner. "Please put Conner in the car seat. I'll join you in a minute."

Brad picked up the baby. "Seems like I should be able to decide how much time I need to eat," he argued as he went out the door.

Conner fussed when Brad set him in the child's car seat. Brad tried to buckle the straps, but Conner kicked his feet and pushed Brad's hands away. Brad finally gave up and returned to the house with the baby. "Conner doesn't want to be buckled up and tied down," Brad said. "Can't he just sit on my lap?"

"No, he has to be buckled," said Mom. "It's the law." She took the baby, buckled him into his seat, and soon they were on their way.

"Look out!" yelled Brad as they were going through an intersection. Mom slammed on the brakes and stopped the car just in time to miss a truck that had ignored the yield sign. "He almost crashed into us," gasped Brad.

Mom nodded and they started out again. "I think God just gave us a practical object lesson here," she observed, turning to Brad.

"What object lesson?" Brad asked.

"We often don't like laws, but they protect us," Mom replied. "The buckle up law probably kept Conner from getting hurt just now. We sometimes feel like rules and laws given by God-or by those He put in authority-strap us down, but they really keep us from harm. It's wise to obey them." Brad frowned. He thought he knew what his mom was thinking. "One of God's commands is to obey those in authority," she added with a smile.

"Like . . . like at lunchtime?" Brad asked. "Okay. I guess I can handle fifteen minutes for lunch."

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