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Fading Flowers Part 1

Isaiah 40:6-8; James 4:13-15

Jan and Katy ran through an empty field near their house. The warm summer breeze rustled in the grass, and golden butterflies flitted among the wildflowers. "I'm glad Mom's letting us have a picnic out here, aren't you?" asked Jan as she placed their picnic basket on the ground. "She said we could have the whole day just to play, as long as she could see us from the house."

"Yeah," replied Katy. "It will be fun. Oh, look!" She pointed to a clump of pink flowers. "Pink is Mom's favorite color-let's pick some flowers for her."

The girls quickly gathered the flowers and placed them in the shade. Then they played all morning before eating their picnic lunch. "Yummy!" exclaimed Katy as she took a big bite of her sandwich. "I'm so hungry, and this is so good!"

"Sure is," agreed Jan. "Dad always says stuff tastes best outdoors, and I think he's right."

After the girls ate, they played some more. "There's Mom," said Jan, looking toward their house. "She's motioning for us to come home. Let's go. We don't want to be late or she might not let us come again!"

"Let's not forget her flowers," said Katy. She ran over to the tree to get them. "Oh, no!" she cried, holding them up. "Look! They're all wilted and ugly. Let's pick some more."

"It's too late, we have to get home," said Jan. "We should have taken them to Mom right away."

When the disappointed girls told their mother about the flowers, she smiled. "That's okay," she said. "It was a sweet thought. You can bring me some another time." She hugged them both. "There's a Bible verse that says, 'The grass withers, the flower fades.' It always reminds me that time goes by really quickly. Sometimes we think we have a lot of time to do something, but before we know it, the chance to do it is gone."

"That's what happened with the flowers today," said Katy sadly.

"Yes," said Mom, "and when things like that happen, it makes us feel a bit sad-even when they're little, everyday things. It's much more sa d when someone thinks he has a lot of time to accept Jesus as Savior and puts it off until it's too late. Remember that lesson, kids. And thanks for trying to do something nice for me today."

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