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Look Alikes

1 John 2:3-6

"Do that again, Lance," said Grandma.

"Do what again?" asked Lance.

"Laugh again, the way you just did," Grandma answered. "You look and sound just like your father when you do that."

"I do?" asked Lance. He jumped up and raced to the bathroom to gaze into the mirror. He studied his reflection from every angle, and tried repeating the laugh that had caught his grandmother's attention.

"It doesn't work," he said when he returned a few moments later. "Besides, even when I'm not laughing, people always say I look like Dad."

"You do," agreed Grandma, "but when you do certain things, the resemblance is even stronger than at other times." Nodding her head, she added, "All of us should try to look more and more like our Father."

"Hey!" protested Lance's sister Leah. She frowned. "Everybody says I look like Mom. What's wrong with that? I like it."

Grandma laughed. "That's good, too," she agreed, "but I was thinking about our heavenly Father. The Bible says we're made in God's image, but I think we look even more like Him when we do certain things."

"Like when we do good stuff?" suggested Leah. "When we obey Him and serve Him?"

Lance nodded. "And when we're nice to everybody and are helpful?" he asked. "Then the resemblance is even stronger, like you said. Right, Grandma?"

"You've got it exactly right," replied Grandma.

Lance looked at his sister. "Don't worry, Leah," he said. "I think you look like both Mom and our heavenly Father." Leah gave Lance a surprised glance, and he laughed.

"There," said Grandma, "you did it again!"

"Did what?" asked Lance.

"You looked just like your father," replied Grandma.

Lance grinned. "Which one, Grandma? God or Dad?" he asked.

"Both," said Grandma with twinkling eyes. "Both."

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