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Printed Sermons
Making Much of the Master

Philippians 2 verses five through eleven is one of the most breath-taking passages in all Scripture. This passage on the glorification of our Lord is the Mt. Everest among the mountain peaks of revelation concerning the Person of Christ, the amazing story of how the eternal Son of God, became a man, the person that God intends every Christian to be.

Our Lord was given a name which is above every other name that has ever been given in Heaven and on earth and at the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Knowing this may we "Make Much of the Master" each day until He returns or calls us home.



God Also Hath Highly Exalted Him
And the Child Grew
Beginning of Miracles
The Nobleman
Launch Out Into the Deep
The Healing of the Leper
He Saw There Faith
Rise Take Up Thy Bed and Walk
They Watched Him
Peace Be Still
A Parable of Three Friends
Riding Upon a Donkey
Why Seek Ye the Living Among the Dead
The Man From the Tombs
The Feeding of the Five Thousand
In Remembrance of Me
A Wise Man and A Foolish Man
The Parable of the Soils
Wheat & Tares
A Little Leaven
What Shall We Have Therefore
The Prodigal Son
Beware of Covetousness
Who Is My Neighbor
The Bridegroom Cometh
All Things Are Now Ready
A Woman Named Mary
A Man Named Zacchaeus
Mary, Martha, and Lazarus
The Rich Young Ruler
A Woman of Samaria
The Adulterous Woman
A Man of the Pharisees
The Tempter
But Where Are the Nine
He Opened His Mouth and Taught Them
The Extra Mile

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