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We are in the process of transitioning from uploading our audio messages to uploading the video message.  Though we will continue to upload requested messages, all new message can be viewed on our YouTube page.  Please click our YouTube channel link to view messages.
Recent Sermons
Rend Your Heart

Though the book of Joel was written to the nation of Israel, there are many things in this book for us as well. Israel at this time finds themselves under Divine judgment. We too in our land see the judgment of God all around us.  In this book, God's people are made to understand that even in the midst Divine judgment there is always hope if they will seek the Lord.
Treasures In the Time of Darkness

There are many things that darkness does.  It at times frightens, at times its dark because of a storm or emotionally dark because of sickness or other situation not of our choosing.  But know there are treasures in darkness.  This message reminds us of those treasures and what we are to do when darkness surrounds us.
Noah Walked With God

In these days of uncertainty, we need to develop a scriptural perspective on hard times.  The principles and truths of God's Word provides the foundation that we can anchor our lives in.  The message is the first in the series "Trusting God in Troubled Times."
The Just Shall Live By His Faith

Faith is the key element in the Christian life, for without it it impossible to please God.  What does it mean to live by faith?  In Habakkuk Chapter 2 we catch a glimpse of what it really means to "live by faith."
For Thou, Lord, Only Makest Me Dwell In Safety

Though David was running from terror, he prayed and trusted the Lord to provide and protect him.  Trusting God makes it so that we can lay down in peace and sleep.
It Is High Time To Awake Out of Sleep

These are interesting days that were are living in.  Many are frightened, others are frustrated, and some are furious.  These are not days that we should slumber or sleep.  It Is High Time To Awake Out of Sleep.
Most Requested Sermons
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Pastor Irby Sodom Had No Bible Listen
Pastor Irby The Tongue Listen
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Pastor Irby The Natural; Spiritual; and Carnal Man Listen
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Pastor Irby Good Doctrine (pt.2) Listen
Pastor Irby We Are Not Careful To Answer Thee Listen
Pastor Irby And It Shall Turn To You For a Testimony Listen
Pastor Irby That All the Earth May Know Listen
Guest Speakers
Speaker Sermon Title Listen
Thomas Smith Thou Worm Listen
Sam Huntley Two Are Better Than One Listen
Joel Ward Positively Positive Listen
Donnie Glass As the Apple Tree Listen
Mike Ward Content To Be Content Listen
Thomas Smith Search Me Listen
Michael Conn God Blessed Him There Listen
Kevin Altizer These That Turned the World Upside Down Listen
Greg Rogers The Cutting Edge of the First Century Church Listen
Foster Covington Don't Quit Listen
Thomas Smith Earnestly Contend For the Faith Listen
Kim Stone Whom Shall I Be Afraid Listen
Kim Stone Open Thou Mine Eyes Listen
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Kim Stone    
Kim Stone    

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