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Pathway Through the Psalms

Pathway Through the Psalms

The Book of Psalms is a collection of prayers, poems, and hymns that
focus the worshiper's thoughts on God in praise and adoration.  

Parts of this book were used as a hymnal in the worship services of ancient Israel. The musical heritage of the psalms is demonstrated by its title. It comes from a Greek word which means "a song sung to the accompaniment of a musical instrument."

One of the results of being filled with the Spirit or the word of Christ is singing. The psalms are the “songbook” of the early church that reflected the new life in Christ

God is the same Lord in all the psalms. But we respond to Him in different ways, according to the specific circumstances of our lives. What a marvelous God we worship, the psalmist declares, One who is high and lifted up beyond our human experiences but also one who is close enough to touch and who walks beside us along life's way


The King of Kings
I Laid Me Down and Slept
Thou Hast Put Gladness in My Heart
I Direct My Prayer Unto Thee
The Voice of My Weeping
My Defense Is of God
Great Consideration
The Nations that Forget God
God Is Not In All His Thoughts
If the Foundations Be Destroyed
The Words of Men and the Word of God
How Long
God Is In the Generation of the Righteous
Who Shall Abide in Thy Tabernacle
A Goodly Heritage
The Shadow of Thy Wings
His Way Is Perfect
Acceptable In Thy Sight
The Name of the Lord Our God
The Blessing of Goodness
A Reproach of Men
He Hath Done This
I Have Provided Me a King
For His Names Sake
The Troubles of My Heart
With My Song Will I Praise Him
The Voice of the Lord
Joy Cometh In the Morning
In Thee O Lord Do I Put My Trust
Blessed Is He Whose Transgression Is Forgiven
Righteous Rejoicing
I Sought For The Lord and He Heard Me
Lord Who Is Like Unto Thee
How Excellent Is Thy Lovingkindness
Commit Thy Way Unto the Lord
Sorry For My Sin
Lord Make Me To Know Mine End
A New Song In My Mouth (pt 1)
A New Song In My Mouth (pt 2)
My Own Familiar Friend
My Soul Thirsteth for God
O Deliver Me
Our Fathers Have Told Us
I Will Make Thy Name to Be Remembered
The Lord of Host Is With Us
A Great King
The City of God
You Can't Take It With You
Blot Out Mine Transgressions
I Will Wait On Thy Name
Fools and Their Folly
God Is Mine Helper
I Will Call Upon God
In God I Have Put My Trust
My Heart Is Fixed
God That Judgeth the Earth
God Is My Defense
Through God We Shall Do Valiantly
Lead To the Rock that is Higher Than I
Trust In Him At All TImes
Early Will I Seek Thee
Victory Over Fear
The Mountains and the Meadows
Our Terribly Good God
The God of Our Benefits
Deep Waters
Thy Wondrous Works
It Pays to Pray
Until I Went Into the Sanctuary
Remember Thy Congregation
For In the Hand of the LORD There Is A Cup
Vow and Pay Unto the Lord
My Song In the Night
We Will Not Hide Them From Their Children
Can God Furnish a Table In the Wilderness
Help Us, O God
Turn Us Again
Open Thy Mouth Wide and I Will Fill It
That Men May Know
My Heart and My Flesh Crieth Out For the Living God
That Thy People May Rejoice In Thee
For Thou Lord Art Good
City of God
I have Cried Day and Night Before Thee
Sing of the Mercies of the Lord
A Tale That is Told
My God In Him Will I Trust
It's A Good Thing To Give Thanks Unto the Lord
The Lord Reigneth
Lord Teach Us Out of Thy Law
Come and Worship
A Ministry That Makes a Difference
He Hath Done Marvelous Things
For He Is Holy
Personal Integrity
Unwavering Hope
He Rememberth That We Are Dust
How Great Thou Art
Make Known His Deeds
The Danger of Forgetfulness
Sacrifice the Sacrifices of Thanksgiving
Unsinkable Faith
I Give Myself Unto Prayer
I Will Praise the Lord With My Whole Heart
A God Centered Life
Who Is Like Unto the Lord
Tremble Thou Earth At the Presence of the Lord
The Lord Hath Been Mindful of Us
Believers Reasons and Resolve to Praise the Lord
The Believers Priority
This Is the Day the Lord Hath Made
O That My Ways Were Directed To Keep Thy Statutes
Thy Word Have I Hid In Mine Heart
Thy Word Have I Hid In Mine Heart (pt. 2)
Open Thou Mine Eyes
I Will Run the Way of Thy Commandments
Teach Me, Give Me, Make Me
I Will Meditate In Thy Statutes
Thou Hast Cause Me to Hope
I Entreated, I Thought, I Made Haste
It Is Good For Me That I Have Been Afflicted
Let My Heart Be Sound In Thy Statutes
Like a Bottle In the Smoke
For ever, O Lord, Thy Word Is Settled in Heaven
Through Thy Precepts I Get Understanding
Thy Word
Depart From Me Ye Evildoers
Leave Me Not to Mine Opressors
The Entrance of Thy Words Giveth Light
Thy Word Is Very Pure
I Hoped In Thy Word
Quicken Me
Standeth In Awe
Seek Thy Servant
In My Distress I Cried Unto the Lord
The Journey of Life With the Lord
Let Us Go Into the House of the Lord
Unto Thee Lift I Up Mine Eyes
If It Had Not Been the Lord
They That Trust In the Lord
Sow In Tears - Reap In Joy
Except the Lord Build the House
Happy Shalt Thou Be
Yet They Have Not Prevailed Against Me
O Lord Who Shall Stand
My Soul is Even As a Weaned Child
A Place of Grace
Unity In the Church
Bless Ye the Lord
The Lord Is Good
His Mercy Endureth Forever
We Wept When We Remembered
Strength In My Soul
Search Me
Deliver Me O Lord
Keep the Door of My Lips
No Man Cared For My Soul
My Soul Thirsth After Thee
In Whom I Trust
Every Day I Will Bless Thee
Happy Is He the Hath the God of Jacob for His Help
He Healeth the Broken In Heart
The Lord Taketh Pleasure In Them
His Glory is Above the Earth and Heaven
The Lord Taketh Pleasure In His People
Let Every Thing the Hath Breath Praise the Lord

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